Our History

Canberra Milk are proud to be part of the Bega Cheese Limited portfolio of 100% Australian owned products. It is the result of ‘progression of consolidation’ of chilled food, beverage production and distribution in Canberra for almost 70 years.


In 1949, Australian Co-operative Foods limited (then known as The Dairy Farmers Co-operative Milk Co. Ltd) announced its intention to convert raw milk into pasteurized and packaged milk in Canberra.  They took over the milk treatment depot from the Canberra Dairy Society, situated at 2 Mildura Street, Fyshwick. This building still stands today and is now listed as a Heritage site within the Canberra region.  A new factory built alongside the building commenced bottling pasteurized milk in 1952.


In 1960 the Bega Co-operative Society built a plant at 8 Mildura Street, Fyshwick, for processing and packaging raw milk from Bega Valley Farms.


In 1971 The Milk Authority of the ACT was established. An enquiry in 1974, recommended that Dairy Farmers be the sole processor, Bega the sole wholesale distributor to commercial outlets, Home vendors be restricted to household deliveries and that tenders be sought for raw milk.  The rationalization began on the 7th of September 1975.


In 1985 the Bega established Capitol Chilled Foods to distribute fresh milk and dairy products from a warehouse at 8 Mildura Street, Fyshwick. 


In 1994 Dairy Farmers upgraded its factory to a modern production and distribution centre.


In 1997, the joint venture company now known as Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia) Pty Ltd was created between Bega Co-operative Society and Dairy Farmers (then known as Australian Co-operative Foods).  The aim of this business was to establish an efficient and economical processing and distribution business for fresh milk and other chilled products in the ACT and Southern NSW.


In 2008, one of our joint venture parent companies (Dairy Farmers) was acquired by National Foods Limited – now known as Lion Pty Ltd. This gave Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia) access to a broader range of products, which allowed us to deliver premium products to a broader customer base.

As a result of the acquisition, Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia) now has the structured support of a well known international company, which has allowed Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia) to enhance the future prospects of the local company and brand.


In 2016, Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia) rolled out ‘Project Bottlo’ driven by a renewed desire to invest and invigorate the manufacturing base of CCFA including the upgrading of the production line from Carton milk to PET Bottled milk. This venture continued into the modernized technology of a new vision and labeling system for the bottling line.

With this modern aged upgrade, Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia), became the first LION Dairy & Drinks site to produce fresh ‘Lactose-Free Milk’, bringing a locally made option for all consumers in ACT who need to avoid consuming lactose but still love dairy.


In 2021, Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia) was aquired by Australian owned Bega Cheese Limited. It is the result of ‘progression of consolidation’ of chilled food, beverage production and distribution in Canberra for almost 70 years.


Throughout the past 50 years, Canberra Milk has always been Proudly Ours.


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