Quality Assurance

Canberra Milk is committed to the production and supply of safe, high quality products and services. We strive to satisfy our customers, retailers, government agencies, regulatory authorities, and consumers, by meeting their expectations and exceeding them where possible. Additionally, Canberra Milk is committed to providing a safe, clean and harmonious work environment for all its employees.

Canberra Milk shall uphold the integrity of their quality policy by ensuring the following quality objectives are adhered to:

· Ensuring the use of a Quality Management System to document, monitor and record all processes and procedures performed on Canberra Milk premises and affiliated sites.

· Maintaining records that can retrospectively demonstrate the quality of all products sold and distributed by Canberra Milk.

· Adhering to recognised quality and industry standards such as HACCP, SQF and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) where practical.

· Ensuring manufacturing premises, equipment and operations are of a high standard and are maintained in accordance with relevant domestic legislation pertaining to food safety, quality and market access.

· Utilising trained, experienced and appropriately qualified employees to perform all operations. Maintaining staff knowledge in a range of procedures across Canberra Milk operations and encouraging personal development through study, training and access to industry experts.

· Ensuring the use of quality approved starting materials.

· Demonstrating product quality through representative samples (in process and final product) using applicable industry and or regulatory standards as a benchmark.

· Monitoring and reviewing key performance indicators to ensure food safety and quality objectives are achieved.

· Focusing on continuous improvement of our system utilising the knowledge and experience of employees, auditors, training sessions and external contractors.

· Engaging constructively with our customers and suppliers to identify and develop joint quality and food safety improvement opportunities.

· Maintaining Safe Quality Food (SQF) 2000 Level 3 accreditation.


In a commitment to achieving the above stated policy requirements, Canberra Milk will endeavour to provide adequate resources to ensure their food safety and quality objectives are being achieved.

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