Local Sponsorships are close to the heart of Canberra Milk. We have proudly supported our local Canberra sports clubs for over 25 years. We believe in the active and healthy lifestyle they promote, the joy they bring to our community.


Canberra Raiders


Canberra Milk is extremely proud of our long-lived partnership with the Canberra Raiders and continues on this proud journey 40 years later. Since our foundation membership in 1982, we have stood by their side through great achievements. We were the proud front jersey sponsors during the major win of the premiership in 1982, and look forward to turning back the clock as the front jersey placement returns as the 2021 Major Partner.

We have gone through generations of signage at GIO Stadium. Our Canberra Milk heritage has been shared with the Raiders as a goal post sponsor, which took the shape of 1L Canberra Milk cartons. In 2017, DARE Iced Coffee was crowned as the sleeve sponsor where the goal posts were upgraded with DARE pads to support this milestone. The Canberra Milk goal branded posts made a return in 2021.

We have built community hype through special release product ranges including Raiders Choc Mint and Raiders Lime Flavoured Milk, which stands along the unforgettable sight of former Raiders captain Terry Campese bathing in Lime green milk. The community support for this partnership continues to grow with the fan-made slogan #UpTheMilk.

Proudly Ours and proudly sponsoring the Canberra Raiders, now and for many generations to come.




Canberra Milk have been a proud sponsor of the Canberra Brumbies since 1996. The love of Rugby Union in the Canberra community is strong, and continues to stay strong through and through.

We were the inaugural jersey sponsor with the now iconic MILK jersey which is regularly brought back for Retro Rounds or die-hard Brumbies fans to enjoy. We love seeing the old favorite MILK Jersey running around GIO Stadium.

We are proud to be continuing our sponsorship with this iconic sport team, and will do so for future seasons.


Canberra Cavalry


Since 2012 Canberra Milk have been the proud sponsor of the Canberra Cavalry. Canberra Milk has assisted the baseball league for over 8 years, where we have gained signage at the MIT Ballpark and promotional competitions. In 2016, we increased our sponsorship support, by bringing DARE to the table. The future sees bigger and better exposure of the Canberra Milk brand with in the Baseball league.




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